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Info for your run sheet

Hey guys! Before we catch up to go over the run sheet for the day there are a few details I'd like to grab in order to speed up the process. If you could fill out the list below and hit the Submit button that would be great!


Let us know who your vendors are so we can tag them if we share a photo on social media


If we're taking photos of you getting ready before the ceremony, let us know where this is happening


We'll go through most of this when we catch up, but just let us know when the main events are starting

Photo List

I always recommend making a list of the group/family shots that you want to take after your ceremony. Having a list saves heaps of time on the day and it ensures that we don't miss any important photos. The list can be as long as you want but just keep in mind the more you have the longer it will take. 

If you want a bit more time to think about it you can submit the form and then come back to this one later.

Thanks for submitting!

Important People

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